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Whether your group is going to Dallas, London, Hawaii or another destination, Travel Graphics International has material to help promote your trip.

For 20 years TGI's maps have been successfully used in incentive travel programs. Now, new programs have been developed for the meeting, convention, trade show and event businesses, too.

Pocket Maps are designed to have schedules, itineraries and events included as well as highlights depicting the hotels used, meeting sites and other key information. Space is provided for sponsor recognition, too. So call us now for wholesale prices on stock and custom orders or how to obtain FREE maps for promotion or for your attendees.

Meeting Maps are a smaller version of the pocket map and are an even more affordable way to promote your event.

Posters make an ideal promotional tool providing a constant reminder of the upcoming trip. The poster can be customized to identify the hotel being used, the dates of the trip and/or the company name and logo.

Collateral material is also available including letterhead and folders which will help tie your program together with effective announcement pieces, mailers and trip information packets.

Summary of collateral materials currently available:

Collateral Materials:
Big Island of Hawaii -- 24" x 34 Mexico (country) -- 17" x 23"
Islands of Hawaii -- 24" x 34" Caribbean -- 24" x 34"
Kauai -- 24" x 34" London -- 25" x 38"
Maui -- 24" x 34" Great Britain/Ireland -- 22" x 28"
Oahu -- 24" x 34" Florida -- 22" x 28"
Cancun (photographic) -- 22" x 28"  

Pocket Maps:
  Big Island of Hawaii Dallas
  Kauai Minneapolis/St. Paul
  Maui Minnesota Golf Map (1992-1993 version)
  Oahu San Diego

Meeting Maps:
  Atlanta Orlando
  Boston St. Louis
  Dallas San Antonio
  Minneapolis San Diego
  New Orleans San Francisco
  Oahu / Honolulu  


Print on top of preexisting maps and show your hotel site - at a glance.

Front Cover Imprints

Personalize the maps with your own identity on the front cover!

Back Cover

Provide essential information on the back cover - schedules, itinerary, events, etc. You can even promote next year's program.

Additional Panels - on meeting maps, an additional full panel is available for imprinting.

Special Projects

Travel Graphics International can create, on request, custom maps for your resort, resort area, facility, campus, etc.

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