TGI maps Minneapolis Saint Paul
TGI maps Minneapolis Saint Paul
TGI maps Minneapolis Saint Paul
TGI maps Minneapolis Saint Paul
TGI maps Minneapolis Saint Paul
TGI maps Minneapolis Saint Paul
TGI maps Minneapolis Saint Paul


  • TGI's unique navigation system incorporates an easy-to-use navigation map that highlights the area shown in the detail map window, thus eliminating much of the need to zoom in and out. Also, the navigation map can be a fast way of moving around - clicking anywhere on the navigation map will move the window to that area.
  • Every icon / locator has a rollover feature that brings up a small window to identify what it is. Options include name, address, phone number (and more in customized versions). The icon/locator usually has a color and letter on it to depict the category making it very easy for the viewer to determine what is close by e.g. shopping close to the hotel where the visitor is staying.
  • When a category, then specific place, is selected in the index, the detail window moves to that area of the map where the place is located and a flashing arrow points to the specific location making it easy to spot. The arrow also has the rollover feature.
  • All locations shown on the maps have interactive icon / locators which link to an enhancement window. This can contain a photograph, copy and links to a variety of other features like animated routes, printable directions with a spot map etc. There is also a special section that can be updated regularly (say monthly) to show special offers etc.
  • Special Options are easily accessed through the window enhancement for any location - links to these options provide unlimited flexibility.
  • Each map has a printable version button allowing the map to be customized with only those items the user wants to see included. A PDF version of the map is created and can be printed in color or black and white with the selected index and contents.

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