TGI maps Minneapolis Saint Paul
TGI maps Minneapolis Saint Paul
TGI maps Minneapolis Saint Paul
TGI maps Minneapolis Saint Paul
TGI maps Minneapolis Saint Paul
TGI maps Minneapolis Saint Paul
TGI maps Minneapolis Saint Paul


Why participate by locating your business?

TGI online maps provide a unique service for the destination, for the visitor and for all those businesses providing products and/or services to the visitor.

Today, more than 75% of visitors use the internet to plan their travel. Apart from air, hotel and car rental (all of which are usually booked prior to arrival at the destination), many visitors are now planning more of the details of their visit, before leaving home, by selecting activities, entertainment as well as shopping and dining online.

One of the key criteria for everyone is location. Is it close to where they are staying? Are there shops close to where they will play etc? Also, Lodging is selected by several criteria including location. If the relative location (how close to various desirable facilities) is not known, visitors are unlikely to book over the internet. A good map that shows all the relative locations can considerably increase online reservations. TGI maps do a better job than any other maps in showing relative locations.

  • An online map is considered essential in planning a vacation or trip. Most, if not all, visitors need to know where a lodging is located and how long it will take to get there (without getting lost).
  • More and more visitors are planning their major activities, shopping, dining and entertainment before leaving home. Location of these activities relative to their lodging is important - TGI maps show these.
  • Good on-line maps cut down telephone communication significantly. If foreign languages are involved, good online maps provide even more of a benefit and save time in trying to understand questions and give directions. Every lodging needs a good online map.
  • TGI is the only map publisher that provides both online and printed maps that are illustrated and contain so much of the relevant information needed in both planning a visit and getting around at the destination.
  • Travel planners today need more and more information about a destination to survive. TGI maps provide more complete information in a form easy to access, customize and print than any other maps.
  • All lodgings, airlines, car rental companies, major activities, dining and shopping should be included in the maps to facilitate the visitor or travel planner in making travel plans.
  • Participants can reach the visitor before they leave home - a combination of options are available with TGI online maps.

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